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AOL content executive Marty Moe to quit in October

Moe was responsible for moving AOL away from content aggregation and towards original content creati

After nine years with AOL, content executive Marty Moe is leaving the company for personal reasons, technology website AllThingsDigital reported on Monday.

Moe's decision comes a few months after Bill Wilson, who devised the US-based internet and media company's content strategy, was replaced by ex-Google executive David Eun.

Moe - senior vice-president for AOL Money & Finance, News & Sports - started the company on its current strategy of producing professional content and presenting it in blog-like settings, along with Wilson.

A memo sent to AOL staffers on Monday said Moe was a driving force behind AOL's move away from aggregating third party content and toward the creation of high quality original content.

The company is looking for a replacement, the memo added.