A quarter of Britons watch HDTV, according to survey

New subscription-free service Freeview HD expected to boost popularity further.

Over 25 per cent of Britons are now watching High Definition television (HDTV) at home, a survey conducted by the consumer advocacy group Which? has revealed.

The survey that involved 2,324 people showed that a quarter of them were already receiving HDTV programming through Sky, Virgin Media or Freesat.

Over 40 per cent of those who subscribed to an HDTV service said they would consider switching to a subscription-free service such as Freeview HD when it becomes available in their area.

Freeview HD, which began transmitting in December, is expected to be available to half of the UK households by the start of the World Cup next month.

Freeview seems to have captured a fair amount of mindshare of people, with four-fifths of the respondents saying they were aware of the free HDTV service and over 30 per cent claiming they had some idea how to access it.

Freeview HD provides BBC, ITV1 and C4 HD channels in high-definition without a monthly subscription.