MySpace adds new tools after revamp

News Corp's social network site MySpace has undergone a revamp.

Among the new features added is a recommendation engine for new users which suggests games, music and videos based on their previous search habits.

The 'dashboard' tool, which was available to musicians last year, will be extended to regular users by this summer. The artists' dashboard identifies the locations of their fans, the most popular songs, those with the most profile views, friend count and the number of profile visitors. The tool also displays a map that shows the geographical distribution of the users across the world.

The user dashboard will now enable users to know how many times their link to a video or song has been viewed or re-shared. This will earn 'points' or 'reputation badges' for users, depending on their levels of influence on the site. Users can connect and enjoy getting credit for sharing information.

The website will also release several mobile micro applications for MySpace gamers besides sending them games alerts. The site may release 20 to 30 micro apps and go mobile next year.

Meanwhile, News Corp's bird field guide Collins has launched a social network site for birdwatchers. Visitors can report sightings of birds and place them on a map, comment on others' sightings, and upload photos. The site also allows users to set up alerts for sightings of certain species or in a certain area.