Victoria Wood’s greatest moments

From chip shop sing-songs to life after death.

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After hearing the very sad news of Victoria Wood’s death at just 62, we remember her greatest moments.

When she composed the most romantic love song of all time, “The Ballad of Barry and Freda”

“I’m imploring, I’m boring, let me read this catalogue on vinyl flooring.”

When she did this perfect private schoolgirls sketch

“That’s why it’s so nice here, having electronic gates. And the moat.”

When she made Hamlet fun!

Starring the inimitable Julie Walters.

When she proved herself queen of physical comedy with this aerobics class

Step with Hailey Bailey!

When she captured how everyone has ever felt in any academic or job interview

“It’s only an interview, we’re not going to eat you!” [nervous fake laughter]

When she gave Brief Encounter this perfect lesbian ending

“I’d gone into Wilberton as usual on a Thursday, to change my library book and order a coconut.”

When she wrote a chip-based musical number far better than any of McCain’s

“I’ve done a plait.” “It’s right effective is that!”

When she set a sketch in a Turkish Baths

“He’s got the lilo and the slow cooker. We don’t speak.”

When she gave us the best self-help class we’ve ever had

“What do you do when life gets on top of you?” “Bite its ears off.

When she blessed us with this aspirational reincarnation song

“I want to eat lean cuisine even though I’m 8st three, then I’ll microwave two mince pies and have them with a cup of tea.”

Anna Leszkiewicz is culture editor of the New Statesman.

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