The 10 most embarrassing lyrics from the new Arcade Fire album, Everything Now

Love is hard. Sex is easy.

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Arcade Fire’s new album, Everything Now, was released this week to mixed reviews. While NME and Rolling Stone praised its searing political commentary on “the cruel irony” of the digital age, it’s also been called “sixth-form satire with a disco beat” and “Banksy disco”.

Well, decide for yourself. Presented without comment*, here are the most make u think lyrics from Arcade Fire’s new album.

*I mean, not really. I couldn’t resist.

Every inch of space in your head
Is filled up with the things that you read
I guess you’ve got everything now

Old Man Yells At Cloud via The Little Mermaid and Britney’s “Lucky”. Thanks to online, you’d think I’m the girl who has everything… so why do these tears come at night?

Every song that I’ve ever heard
Is playing at the same time
It’s absurd

There’s too much music!!! And it all sucks!! All you kids like these days is noise!!! A searing critique of Every Song Playing At The Same Time subculture.

We turn the speakers up till they break
’Cause every time you smile it’s a fake
Stop pretending

Dance music and Instagram is killing us all, one posed party snap at a time!!!!!

Looking for signs of life
Looking for signs every night
But there’s no signs of life


Love is hard
Sex is easy


Be my Wendy, I’ll be your Peter Pan
Come on baby, take my hand

All I have to say to this is: ew, no.

Infinite content
Infinite content
We’re infinitely content

This is it: the apex. The line even the most flattering reviewers couldn’t resist hearing and saying, “Oh, guys, come on. Really?” A pun on content/content reminding us that the INTERNET IS STEALING OUR HAPPINESS. All I can say is – I hope my readers are content with my Arcade Fire content! Haha. I cry myself to sleep at night.

A thousand girls that look like me
Staring out at the open sea

Is this about girls on the internet with identical beach Instagrams or is it a metaphor, for like, isolation? You decide!

You don’t want to talk
You don’t want to touch

You’re too busy / Eroding your soul / With countless scrolls / On Tinder.

A terrible song on the radio
Baby what else is new?

Is it from Arcade Fire’s Everything Now?

Anna Leszkiewicz is culture editor of the New Statesman.

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