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The defining images of the week selected by our creative editor. 

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Activists and supporters of the Islami Andolan Bangladesh, an Islamist political party, hold a protest march calling for the boycott of French products and denouncing French president Emmanuel Macron for his comments over Prophet Muhammad caricatures, in Dhaka on 27 October 2020.  Photo by MUNIR UZ ZAMAN / AFP

Emmanuel Macron and right-wing party Les Republicains MP Eric Ciotti visit the scene of a knife attack at the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Nice on 29 October 2020.  France's national anti-terror prosecutors said they have opened a murder inquiry after a man killed three people at the basilica in central Nice and wounded several others whilst repeating "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great).  Photo by ERIC GAILLARD / POOL / AFP

A mad stands amidst uprooted trees in in central Vietnam's Quang Ngai province. Twenty-one people have been killed and dozens more feared dead after a typhoon tore through central Vietnam, triggering landslides in the central province of Quang Nam and causing some of the worst destruction seen in years, 28 October 2020.  Photo by MANAN VATSYAYANA / AFP

A man disinfects Iraqi children before using the swimming pool at NGO, Mercy Among Them, amid the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in the holy city of Karbala, Iraq, 20 October, 2020.  Photo by ALAA AL-MARJANI / REUTERS

Police officers look at their mobile phones after Philadelphia imposed a 9pm curfew. Thousands of people have taken to Philadelphia's streets, with looting and violence breaking out, since police shot dead 27-year-old Walter Wallace, a black man who was carrying a knife and whose family said suffered from mental health issues. Photo by GABRIELLA AUDI / AFP

A child dressed up as U.S. President Donald Trump waves during his campaign event in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S., 26 October 2020.  Photo by LEAH MILLS / REUTERS

Filipinos flock to a local cemetery to pay respects to their deceased relatives, on 28 October 2020 in Manila, Philippines. Authorities ordered the closure of public cemeteries on 29 October to 4 November in a bid to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Philippines is one of the countries in south-east Asia with the highest rate of Covid-19 infections.  Photo by JES AZNAR / GETTY IMAGES

An Iraqi protester carries a placard reading in Arabic "revolt" during a demonstration on the Sinak bridge in the capital Baghdad on 25 October 2020, marking the first anniversary of a mass anti-government movement. Iraqi security forces and protesters clashed in Baghdad during demonstrations to demand the ousting of the ruling class.  Photo by AHMAD AL-RUBAYE / AFP

Kashmiris assemble near a house damaged after a gunbattle in Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir. Two suspected rebels were killed during a gunfight that erupted shortly after scores of counterinsurgency police and soldiers launched an operation based on a tip about the presence of rebels on the outskirts of Srinagar on 28 October, police said.  Photo by MUKHTAR KHAN / AFP /SHUTTERSTOCK

Voters queue up to cast their ballots for Bihar state assembly elections at a polling station in Masaurhi, India, on 28 October 2020. Photo by PRAKASH SINGH / AFP

A woman uses a syringe to feed her malnourished daughter at a malnutrition treatment ward of al-Sabeen hospital in Sanaa, Yemen 27 October 2020.  A UN survey has said that child nutrition is at record highs in parts of Yemen. Photo by KHALED ABDULLAH / REUTERS

A nurse is helped by a collegue to put on her personal protective equipment at the Intensive Care Unit for the Covid-19 cases, in the San Filippo Neri hospital in Rome, on 29 October 2020.  Italy's prime minister Giuseppe Conte tightened nationwide coronavirus restrictions after the country registered a record number of new cases, despite opposition from regional heads and street protests over curfews.  Photo by TIZIANA FABI / AFP

Pistachio, a puppy that was born with green fur, is seen on the day he was born on a farm on the island of Sardinia, in Pattada, Italy.  The rare phenomenon is thought to happen when light-colored puppies come in contact with biliverdin, a green pigment found in bile. It's the same pigment seen when bruises turn green - it dyes their fur in the womb, and the colour fades over time.  Photo by Reuters

A proud, growing tribe of Japanese ink aficionados are defying deeply-rooted taboos associating tattoos with crime, turning their skin into vivid palettes of color with elaborate full-body designs, often featuring characters from traditional legends.  In this photo, tattoo artist Asakusa Horikazu poses for a photograph with people who received tattoos from Horikazu and his father, at a Japanese public bath called a "sento" in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by KIM KYUNG-HOON / REUTERS

Aerial view of autumn colours on Derwent Isle on Derwentwater near Keswick in the Lake District, 27 October 2020.  Photo by OWEN HUMPHREYS / PA

Dog trainer Catalin Teodor, aka TC Dog Care, walks a group of dogs through the center of the Barcelona, Spain, 26 October 2020. In Barcelona there is one dog for every ten residents. According to data from the College of Veterinarians of Catalonia, some 150,000 dogs live in the city.  Photo by MANUEL MEDIR / GETTY IMAGES





Gerry Brakus is Creative Editor of the New Statesman and also writes on photography.