Lena Dunham released a rap video in support of Hillary Clinton and it’s everything you’d expect

A genuine lyric: “She’s a woman so gets treated unfairly / Ain’t nothing new motherf**ker she’s Hillary”

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The US election is next week, and right on cue, Lena Dunham has released a parody music video in support of Hillary Clinton, via Funny or Die.

It contains exactly what you’d expect: a self-parodying introduction dialling up everything mainstream audiences dislike about Dunham, extremely cringe-worthy lyrics (a sample: “The plan is to win against hatred and slurs / break it down in three words / I’m with her”), plus some meta comments about said cringe-worthy lyrics and the video’s potential cultural appropriation. There’s really no commentary necessary.

Just another example of how mockumentary-style campaign films have seen political video come full circle.

Anna Leszkiewicz is culture editor of the New Statesman.

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