Thank You Note to Christopher Reid

A new poem by Grey Gowrie.

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Laureate poems called Yesterday’s News
(pithier than The News of the Screws
ever managed though I am cross, I’m afraid,
at your bottling an Ode to Rebecca Wade),
with Jimmy Savile, Hurricane Sandy
(that red-tressed Medusa makes me randy
I confess) and even a not-so-brave
Billet-Doux from Ferdy Mount’s cousin, Dave,
arrived this morning. Thanks. Though you
find Elliott Carter one of the few
worth praising, you’re kind yet never stuffy.
Time to step down, I fear, Ms Duffy.

Grey Gowrie is a Conservative peer. His poetry collections include The Italian Visitor and The Domino Hymn.

This article appears in the 08 May 2014 issue of the New Statesman, India's worst nightmare?

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