Watch: The bizarrely America's Most Wanted trailer for a new documentary about J D Salinger

"The movie event of the year".

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Dr Sarah Graham of the University of Leicester must be pretty hurt. Not only is she a Lecturer in American Literature, she is the author and editor of the 2007 academic study J D Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, supervises PhD students on his work and is currently putting together a study of Salinger's short fiction for Bloomsbury Publishing. But all that wasn't enough to earn her the part of talking head on Shane Salerno's new documentary for the Weinstein Company: Salinger. No. That would require a finer knowledge of the man and legend.

A new trailer for the upcoming documentary Salinger has been released. It features Danny DeVito, Martin Sheen and Edward Northon telling you nothing new about the author already well-known for being a recluse and writing the book that John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman was busy reading when the police arrived to arrest him. It's odd. It's even odder for its tabloid crime drama aesthetics.

Still, we'll probably go see it.

If there's on man whose opinion I want on Salinger - it's DeVito.

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