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Website contributor guidelines

The New Statesman website has a team of in-house writers and regular bloggers, but also publishes occasional pieces from outside contributors. Here is our FAQ, to explain our process and help you work out if your pitch is right for us.

Do you pay?

We prefer to focus our budget on our pool of regular contibutors, so we very rarely accept unsolicited pitches. When we do, we pay for them. Make sure you negotiate your fee before the piece is accepted and published. If you are working for a think tank, a politician, a relevant organisation or are an academic, please disclose this in your pitch, as we have slightly different guidelines for these pieces. 

What should I send?

Send a short pitch via email to jonn.elledge @ newstatesman.co.uk. A pitch is a short paragraph in the body of an email outlining what your piece will be, explaining what your expertise is for writing about it, and indicating the names of any potential interviewees, if relevant. Give an idea of the headline if possible. 

Don’t send large attachments or finished pieces.

Include in your email one or two links to previously published pieces, but please don’t send us your whole CV or portfolio. Make sure your pitch is well-written and concise – if it isn’t, you’re not filling us with confidence about the potential quality of the final article.

What kind of pieces do you publish?

Timely, well-written contributions that bring a new angle to topics within the New Statesman’s remit. Make sure you’re familiar with the website and what we cover before pitching – following us on Twitter is a good way of doing this.

What don’t you publish?

We don’t want pitches...

. . . about arguments on Twitter.

. . . responding to other blogs on our site.

. . . about blogs responding to other blogs.

. . . in areas already covered by our regulars.

. . . about obvious trolling by Katie Hopkins/Piers Morgan/Brendan O’Neill.

. . . for interviews we could do ourselves.

When will you get back to me?

If we want to commission you, we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of pitches we receive, we sometimes have to do other stuff rather than reply, like putting out the magazine and fending off bears. We do read everything, though.

Can I send you a press release, in case you want to cover my thing?

Please don’t. You’ll have better luck securing coverage if you pitch as above.

Do you offer work experience?

Sometimes – see this page for details.

Any other advice?

Please don’t pitch us something you are also pitching elsewhere at the same time, because no one likes to be gazumped.  

And . . .