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Website contributor guidelines

The New Statesman website has a team of in-house writers and regular bloggers, but also publishes occasional pieces from outside contributors. Here is our FAQ, to explain our process and help you work out if your pitch is right for us.

Please note that due to the volume of pitches received, we are not currently accepting unsolicited contributions. We will update this page when our submissions reopen.

Do you pay?

We mostly commission our regular writers, so we rarely accept unsolicited pitches. When we do, we pay for them. Make sure you negotiate your fee before the piece is accepted and published. If you are working for a think tank, a politician, a relevant organisation or are an academic, please disclose this in your pitch, as we have slightly different guidelines for these pieces. 

What are you looking for?

Original reporting, new information, clever angles and expertise (not necessarily all in the same piece). Stories our readers won't have seen elsewhere.   

Most of all we are looking for great writing that explains and analyses the world today.

What aren't you looking for?

Our main reasons for turning down a pitch are that it's something we're already writing in-house, or that it's not relevant to our audience.

We don't run pieces about arguments on Twitter or responses to other articles. 

What should I send?

Please send a short pitch, describing your piece in no more than three paragraphs, to submissions@newstatesman.co.uk, or to international@newstatesman.co.uk if it's of global relevance. Explain what makes the piece compelling and timely, what your expertise is for writing about the subject, and include the names of secured or potential interviewees, if reach. Suggest a headline if possible. 

Any other tips?

Don’t send a pre-written piece, we only publish pieces we've commissioned.

Include in your email one or two links to previously published pieces.

Please don’t pitch us something you are also pitching elsewhere at the same time. 

When will you get back to me?

We'll try to get back to you within 24 hours. However we are often very busy and we get a lot of pitches, so please send a follow-up email if you don't hear from us within three days. If you still don't hear back, it's best to assume this pitch hasn't been successful.

What about press releases?

PRs are welcome to send us press releases, which we prefer to receive by email.

Do you offer work experience?

Sometimes – see this page for details.

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