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Conferences 2018

It’s that time of year again…

A balmy summer is coming to an end, the party conference season is just beginning, and the New Statesman is teaming up with dozens of partners and sponsors to deliver a huge range of fringe events attracting some of the biggest names in parliament, politics and business. Last year we hosted over 35 events across three conferences, bringing together policymakers and thought leaders for hours of enlightening and intelligent discussion and debate. Hosting MPs and peers from all sides of the House, we've organised panels of experts, Q&As and drinks receptions that are at the cutting edge of the conference calendar.

After yet another year of upsets and volatility in the UK political scene, this year's conferences are set to be as exciting and unpredictable as any, and the New Statesman will be at the forefront, bringing together politicians and high-profile figures in local government, charities, NGOs and industry, to discuss the most pressing policy issues and political controversies of the day.

UK Politics

  • North by north-east


    Richard T Kelly <em>Faber & Faber, 556pp, £14.99 </em>

  • The whispers

    New scandal revealed: our MPs are now paid by the word

  • Tactical Briefing

    From: The Unit

    To: GB

    Subject: Funding/Ray

  • The curse of Wales

    Bloggers are in self-congratulatory mood as Peter Hain is dispatched, but is the “Welsh Cabinet curs

  • No one is born to rule

    To call Ken Livingstone to account is not to attack Labour, or support the Conservatives - quite the

  • The people pay the price

    Combine the foolishness of American banks with the hesitancy of British ministers, and you produce a

  • New crisis, old solution

    Capitalism's failure finds the left without a plan

  • In a fix, start a fight

    The Tories will have a hard job proving that they could handle a global recession better

  • Merchant adventurer

    As he toured China and India, touting Britain as the ultimate capitalist destination, Gordon Brown d

  • It's good to be a pain

    Paul Evans on why ruffling feathers is a crucial element of political action


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