Comedian Jerry Seinfeld's NBC sitcom receives bad reviews

Popular comedian Jerry Seinfeld's NBC comedy series 'The Marriage Ref' has received harsh reviews fr

Seinfeld contemplated the show during a row with his wife in the presence of a friend. The show features a panel of three celebrities refereeing bizarre marital disputes.

Time magazine's TV critic wrote: "The most God-awful mishmash of a comedy-variety show". Alan Sepinwall of the New Jersey paper called the sitcom "painful, pointless and obnoxious."

The Baltimore Sun said that while NBC reserved the Thursday night slot for 'The Marriage Ref', it does not even deserve a daytime slot. The media website Gawker commented that the sitcom cancels out Seinfeld.

The sitcom, which will be broadcast to a massive audience after the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics, has also been mocked by viewers on Twitter.