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The five must-read posts from today, including public support for gay marriage.

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1. 50p: it's not just about revenue

At Stumbling and Mumbling, Chris Dillow says that there is no evidence that cutting the top rate of tax encourages GDP growth.

2. How many people support gay marriage?

UK Polling Report's Antony Wells assesses the conflicting claims about how many people support gay marriage.

3. The charts that shame the "we're all in this together" coalition

Over at Left Foot Forward, Alison Garnham shows how the poorest 10 per cent are losing out.

4. The Tory Right must not again look like we are obsessed with tax, crime, Europe and immigration

Tim Montgomerie warns that the Tory right must not present a caricature of itself by over-asserting its differences from the Lib Dems.

5. Now Illinois becomes a 'must-win' for Mitt Romney

At the Telegraph, Mike Smithson says that many Republicans think that Romney should have sealed the deal by now.

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