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1 What Labour will do about a cut in the 50p tax rate

Mary Riddell says that for anyone accusing them of dithering (and that is exactly what the Lib Dems will do tomorrow), Labour's position is logical.

2. The sunshine theory of politics

Marbury's Ian Leslie blogs on research into the influence of good weather on politics.

3. FactCheck: Is the government breaking the law on the NHS?

Channel 4's Cathy Newman says that the government may be defying the will of the Information Tribunal, but is not in breach of the law.

4. UK aid has huge impact in other countries: here's how much

Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Joe Powell shares new stats about the impact of British aid.

5. John Hemming MP tables motion complaining about the metric system

Political Scrapbook notes that one MP appears to have rather a lot of time on his hands.


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