Web Only: best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including nervous times for Clegg.

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1. Repressionomics - can 'financial repression' solve debt crisis?

Can countries still inflate away their debts? Newsnight's Paul Mason investigates.

2. Nervous times for Clegg ahead of the Lib Dem spring conference

If the Lib Dem conference votes against the Bill, it will create a huge political headache for the government, says Coffee House's James Forsyth.

3. Isn't it time the Bank cut interest rates to zero?

The Bank's 0.5pc cut-off point seems rather arbitrary, says the Telegraph's Philip Aldrick.

4. Gingrich could be quitting next week

Political Betting's Mike Smithson notes that the former Speaker could withdraw from the race if he loses in Alabama and Mississippi next Tuesday.

5. The next PLP Chair - who the candidates?

John Cryer and Dave Watts are competing to be the next chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, notes Mark Ferguson at Labour List.

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