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The five must-read posts from today, including Mitt Romney's weirdo factor.

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1. Mitt Romney suffers from the 'weirdo factor'

As the season wears on Romney is looking less and less like a regular Joe, says Tim Stanley at the Telegraph.

2. Reversing Local Austerity

Paul Krugman says that reversing the cuts in state and local governments would put well over a million people back in work.

3. Ten ways to save money on FOI without changing the Act

Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Martin Williams argues that the government does not need to start charging for FoI requests.

4. Treasury estimates 100 senior civil servants may have been paid through companies

FT Westminster's Jim Pickard reveals that far more civil servants than previously thought were being paid as companies rather than individuals.

5. Now even crap MPs can get their own ministerial box -- for £1,175

And finally, Political Scrapbook notes that those MPs who will never get an iconic red box can now buy the next best thing.

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