Web Only: best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including an unusual meeting of minds on Syria.

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1. Syria puts al-Qaeda and west on same side

Jon Snow notes that the extraordinary situation in Syria has created unexpected agreements.

2. All in this together?

Those who can least afford it are bearing the brunt of unemployment and cuts in real wages, says Stewart Lansley at False Economy.

3. Nick Clegg's NHS squeeze

The poacher who did much to hinder the Bill last year is now a gamekeeper, notes Coffee House's Peter Hoskin.

4. Why Rick Santorum will be a lot harder to destroy than Newt Gingrich

Over at the Telegraph, Mike Smithson analyses the latest polls from the Republican primary race.

5. The Sun loves dawn raids by police (except when it happens to them)

Political Scrapbook notes the Sun's "extensive track record" of gawping at dawn raids by the police.

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