Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning's newspapers.

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1. Why the Nicolas Sarkozy show ought to terrify David Cameron -- and delight Ed Miliband (Daily Telgraph)

A socialist victory by Francois Hollande in France would send shockwaves through austerity-hit Europe, says Mary Riddell.

2. The drift towards war with Iran (Financial Times)

The west's appetite for conflict appears to be growing, says Gideon Rachman.

3. No U-turn on NHS reform? We're halfway there (Independent)

Steve Richards argues that there are deep parallels between what is happening now and the poll tax in the late 1980s.

4. How Cameron's NHS cheats waiting-list figures (Guardian)

Polly Toynbee speaks to a hospital clerk ordered to lie to patients, who describes the rampant culture of deviousness in the NHS that forced her to quit.

5. The answer to Scottish separatism is a federal union (Financial Times)

Salmond's insistence on a referendum provides a unique opportunity, says Philip Stephens.

6. If I were Lord Carey, I'd be right behind this change (Independent)

Patrick Strudwick is incredulous that Anglican leaders have the temerity to accuse gays of "weakening" marriage when the religion.was created so Henry VIII could divorce.

7. Abu Qatada: no more paper promises (Guardian)

If Theresa May is serious about protecting Abu Qatada, says Clive Baldwin, she must press for real change in Jordan.

8. British culture may be our new great industry (Daily Telegraph)

Melvyn Bragg posits that the power of British culture has replaced the class system, and has stimulated an economy of the mind.

9. Beware talk of business-friendly Myanmar (Financial Times)

The country went through a similar glasnost in the 1990s, writes Joshua Kurlantzick.

10. We need to know who funds these thinktank lobbyists (Guardian)

George Monbiot warns that the battle for democracy is becoming a fight against backroom billionaires seeking to shape politics to suit their own interests.