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The five must-read blogs from today, including the legality of NHS reform, and the boundaries of "la

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1. Lansley's NHS bill is unnecessary, incomprehensible and possibly illegal. Other than that it's great

Tom Chivers criticises the government's health bill, hoping that the NHS ruins the Tories before the Tories ruin the NHS.

2. When 'lad banter' becomes encouragement to rape

At Liberal Conspiracy, Jem Bloomfield blogs on the Uni Lad controversy and casual misogyny.

3. UK's public debt is about to exceed that of the US for the first time

Over at Left Foot Forward, Cormac Hollingsworth notes that the UK's stagnation means that the US's debt burden will fall below ours.

4. Can Gingrich really go on for 46 more states?

Mike Smithson of Political Betting assesses Newt Gingrich's staying power.

5. Unlike father, unlike son

Marbury's Ian Leslie shares a video of the moment that George Romney ruined his political career.

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