Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including Boris's questionable response to the Macpherson repor

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1. Racism vs "racism": why Diane Abbott was right

Abbott's comment was both reasonable and historically accurate, argues Dorian Lynskey.

2. Gordon Brown's company reaps its first £1m

FT Westminster's Jim Pickard tots up the former prime minister's earnings.

3. Boris called police the "victims" of report into Lawrence murder

Political Scrapbook recalls the Mayor of London's response to the Macpherson report.

4. Does McCain's Endorsement Really Help Romney?

Over at the New York Times' Caucus Blog, Michael Shear asks whether McCain's endorsement will be useful, or counter-productive.

5. Why Tom Baldwin reckons Labour shouldn't give up on Miliband

CoffeeHouse's Peter Hoskin puts one of Tom Baldwin's claims to the test.