Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including why China can't save us.

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1. For all George Osborne's optimism, China can't save us

In a globalised economy, we need more than just trade trips: we need international economic cooperation, says the Telegraph's Daniel Knowles.

2. Do we want humourless, inoffensive MPs?

We're at risk of pushing politicians away from open dialogue, warns Mark Ferguson at Labour List.

3. Jim Wallace: Salmond holding his own referendum would be undemocratic

FT Westminster's Kiran Stacey notes that that the big beasts of Scottish politics are beginning to get involved to challenge Salmond head on.

4. What if the referendum isn't legal?

Wings over Scotland asks how the country could leave the Union without asking Westminster's permission first.

5. Huntsman Withdrawal Should Aid Romney

Over at Five Thirty Eight, Nate Silver analyses the second preferences of Jon Huntsman's supporters.