Morning Call: pick of the papers

10 must-read pieces from this morning's papers

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1. How many party leaders does it take to change capitalism? (Observer)

The race is on to be the party that most convincingly promises to tame the wilder excesses of corporate greed, rights Andrew Rawnsley.

2. Cameron - Those who work hard will be rewarded (Telegraph)

The Prime Minister launches the new political year with a wide-ranging interview.

3. Cameron won't let socialists have fairness to themselves (Telegraph)

Matthew D'Ancona comes away from meeting David Cameron persuaded of the prime minister's credentials as a great, if slightly accidental, reformer.

4. Litte wonder Alex Slamond looks so smug (Observer)

No Westminster party is anywwhere close to mounting a serious challenge to the Scottish Nationalists, writes Kevin McKenna.

5. Didn't do our prep, did we Mr Cameron? (Independent on Sunday)

John Rentoul suspects the prime minister of failing to get a grip on the issues facing the NHS.

6. Potty training is not Ed Miliband's Number 1 problem (Mail on Sunday)

Even friends of the Labour leader are starting to say he is a caretaker whose purpose is to stop the party tearing itself apart, accordding to James Forsyth.

7. The new high-speed rail line is a gargantuan folly (Sunday Times)

Another day, another newspaper comes out against HS2, suggesting problems ahead for the government.

8. If Cameron wants to spread happiness he should narrow the gap between rich and poor (Alastair Campbell blog)

Former Blair communications director riffs briefly on depression, growth and inequality.

9. Hating chavs is also a form of prejudice (Independent on Sunday)

Our eagerness to celebrate an apparent decline in racism obscures issues of class, writes Paul Vallely.

10. Now is not the time to turn our backs on Enlightenment values (Observer)

Will Hutton frets about the rise of illiberal, reactionary conservatism around the world and the failure of progressive politics to meet the challenge.

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