Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning's newspapers.

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1) It's time for an ascetic, noble Italy to replace the crass Berlusconi version (The Observer)
The fetish of the 'lovable rogue' showed up the worst of our national character. The best may yet emerge, says Maria Laura Rodota

2) Why the world has not heard the last of Silvio Berlusconi (The Sunday Telegraph)
Departure from office will not end Mr Berlusconi's presence as a "Papi" to his nation - loved or otherwise, says Nick Squires in Rome writes Nick Squires

3) 'The speed of the European Union can no longer be the speed of the most reluctant member' (The Observer)
Britain and Europe face a choice: to come closer, share a common destiny and count in the world, or face disunity and decline, writes the president of the European commission, Jose Manuel Barroso

4) The euro rampage won't stop at Rome (Mail on Sunday)
Spain is more at risk than Italy, writes Mary Ellen Synon

5) Why I should have foreseen the euro inferno (The Sunday Times £)
The former Financial Times editor, Andrew Gowers, explains why the single currency could destroy the peace and prosperity it was meant to create

6) Only shared wealth brings happiness (Independent on Sunday)
We must tackle the ogres of income inequality and youth unemployment for a kinder, fairer world, argues the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu

7) May crosses fairness borderline (The Sunday Times £)
Had not Theresa May panicked at the headlines, she could have promptly defused the border agency row, writes Martin Ivens

8) Neither her sex nor status should save Theresa May if she's misled us (Observer)
Westminster thinks that the home secretary will stay, but we've only heard her side of the story, says Andrew Rawnsley

9) Will This Election Be the Mormon Breakthrough? (New York Times)
The Salt Lake City empire of corporate greed has little of its founder's vision, says Harold Bloom

10) Right now, if you've got it, then we're sick of you flaunting it (The Sunday Times £)
It's not just the super-rich billionaires that need to rein it in - with a financial crisis on we all need to stop showing off about our money, argues India Knight

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