Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including why it's not the end of capitalism at all.

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1. It's not the end of capitalism at all

Faisal Islam debunks the idea that recent events form part of an epic transformative narrative.

2. Are European unions and progressive politicians all in it together?

Trade unions should look beyond federalism and scepticism and focus on what's good for working people, says Owen Tudor at the Touchstone blog.

3. The Iron Lady's success will be difficult for David Cameron to bear

The new Thatcher film could become a rallying point for disgruntled Conservatives, says the Telegraph's Benedict Brogan.

4. New LSE report says Labour's economic record was "strong" and "not due to bubbles"

Left Foot Forward's Will Straw blogs on a new report, which offers something of a revisionist history of Labour's economic record.

5. Cameron shows his eurosceptic side

The Spectator's James Forsyth says that Cameron's European speech was the clearest articulation yet of his European Policy.

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