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The five must-read posts from today, including the Tory MP calling for Libyans to refund Britain the

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1. "Seeking Gaddafi" Tory MP demands Libya pay us back for their liberation

Daniel Kawczynski has called for Libya to pay Britain back for the £300m cost of war, notes Shamik Das at Left Foot Forward.

2. Will banging on about the EU win the blues any converts?

Europe is not a major election issue for most voters, says Mike Smithson at Political Betting.

3. George and Liam break (naan) bread

Paul Waugh blogs on the considerable support for Liam Fox amongst Tory MPs.

4. Barbarism With and Without a Human Face: Dale Farm, Brighton and Liberal Racism

Over at Bright Green, Alasdair Thompson discusses the implications fo the Dale Farm eviction.

5. Still struggling

The Economist's Daily Chart blog asks whether the lot of Egypt's women will improve after the country's revolution.