Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. Nobody thinks you're an 'all right luv' sort, David (Guardian)

Cameron has missed the point, says Jackie Ashley. A cabinet with more women round the table would surely have angled cuts differently.

2. Give us cuts and growth if you want a Tory victory (Daily Mail)

Many voters feel that policy decisions in all areas are being driven by an overriding focus on austerity, writes Michael Ashcroft.

3.. We all hate property tax, but at least make it fair (Times) (£)

Stamp duty is outdated, inconsistent and easy for the rich to avoid, writes David Wighton. Let's base payments on house values instead.

4. Why business despairs of Obama (Financial Times)

The great American dream is no longer a house in the suburbs. It is a secure job, but almost any job will do, writes Mort Zuckerman.

5. Times are tough: Cameron's best hope now is to be dull (Guardian)

The centre ground is the prime minister's natural home, and it is the safest place for him as the economic storm worsens, says Julian Glover.

6. Scrap the law on human rights and you also scrap the coalition (Independent)

No one should underestimate Tory hostility to the Human Rights Act, warns an Independent leader.

7. Spend time to listen, David (Sun)

Cameron and Osborne must rein back spending we don't need and can't justify, argues Trevor Kavanagh.

8. Ed Miliband is one export that would scupper our rivals (Daily Telegraph)

The Labour leader's message about 'bad' capitalism would get short shrift in Shanghai, writes Boris Johnson.

9. Zuma needs to boot out his youth leader (Financial Times)

One serial indaba dealmaker warns that talk at the gathering will now focus on the rest of Africa and ignore the host nation, writes Alec Russell.

10. Embrace your inner weirdo, Ed (Independent)

Let's not pretend that any of our politicians are remotely normal, writes Philip Hensher.