Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. This Tory addiction to the Europe myth could cost them 2015 (Guardian)

The Conservative party is seriously out of touch if it thinks voters care for the referendum, says Martin Kettle. It is the economy that matters.

2. Europe: the plates are shifting - and David Cameron risks being stranded (Daily Telegraph)

As Europe is reshaped, both party and country are urging the Prime Minister to seize Britain's moment, says Fraser Nelson.

3. Tory MPs put their voters before their party (Times) (£)

Boundary changes give the new generation a good reason to flaunt their Euroscepticism, says William Rees-Mogg.

4. No euro rescue will heal the rupture at the Continent's heart (Independent)

Even the efforts of Merkel and Sarkozy have failed to conceal very real cracks, says Mary Dejevsky.

5. For Herman Cain, the astroturf is sprouting (Guardian)

Politicos may not take the latest US Republican presidential candidate seriously, but the 'folks' do love an 'outsider', says Ana Marie Cox.

6. A firewall to stop Europe's crisis spreading (Financial Times)

Barack Obama outlines what needs to be done to revive global growth.

7. Church opposes pious idealists? I must protest (Times) (£)

Hugo Rifkind says that the army outside St Paul's is espousing exactly the moral stance the Church should be defending.

8. The Occupy protest at St Paul's Cathedral - a parable of our times (Daily Telegraph)

The closure of St Paul's was disgraceful, says George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury. The Church of England must urgently examine its values.

9. What St Paul's could learn from Mary, the patron of the Occupy protesters (Guardian)

Giles Fraser's resignation over Occupy London shows the church must engage with new forms of faith and belief, says Marina Warner.

10. The big questions raised by anti-capitalist protests (Financial Times)

Martin Wolf warns that darker forms of politics like nationalism and racism are waiting in the wings.