Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. Sorry is not enough. Fox has to go and, if he won't, Cameron should fire him (Guardian)

The defence secretary's weasel words cannot hide a gross failure of judgment, says Jonathan Freedland. Resignation is the only decent course.

2. This isn't Fox: the Movie. It's messy, real life (Times) (£)

Daniel Finkelstein says that the PM cannot simply fire his Defence Secretary, even if it means breaking the first rule of politics: to be in control.

3. This is a class war disguised as a generation war (Independent)

Young people who left education with high hopes have had their ambitions dashed, says Laurie Penny.

4. America's blueprint for saving Europe's banks (Financial Times)

EU leaders have a fresh opportunity to rebuild market confidence, says Roger Altman.

5. Reasons to be cheerful: one, two, three . . . (Times) (£)

At last, more quantitative easing, signs that the euro will not collapse and, best of all, good news from America, says Anatole Kaletsky.

6. Only England fails to foresee the demise of its first empire (Guardian)

Scotland's 'devo max' is no rerun of Bannockburn, Simon Jenkins -- but Cameron responds like London's ignorant governing elite always has.

7. Islam's war on the Cross (Daily Telegraph)

Christians in Egypt are used to persecution, but the latest attacks threaten the move to democracy, writes Con Coughlin.

8. Egypt's army must begin to honour its promises (Independent)

This leading article argues that the violence against the Coptic Christian minority is symptomatic of wider instabilities.

9. Arab awakening depends on managing tensions (Financial Times)

Divide-and-rule tactics have a long history, writes David Gardner.

10. A web porn 'opt-in' scheme is no quick fix (Guardian)

Brooke Magnanti asks whether it is acceptable to limit the media choices of adults based on unproved assumptions about the sexualisation of children.

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