Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. Population is not the problem (Guardian)

Population policies have little impact on the way a minority of the human race uses the Earth's resources, writes Juliette Jowit.

2. A three-pronged plan to revive Britain's economy (Financial Times)

We can both resolve the crises at hand and come through them with an economy that is stronger and fundamentally fairer, says David Cameron.

3. A two-tier Europe need not be a divided Europe (Times) (£)

States that opt to stay out of the euro should form a group to ensure their voices are heard, argues David Owen.

4. What saves the euro will kill the union (Financial Times)

The policies needed to solve the crisis are inconsistent with the idea of the EU as a 'club of clubs', says Wolfgang Munchau.

5. Will the euro be Cameron's 'peace in our time'? (Sun)

Cameron appears to have lost the euro plot the moment he got into bed with his Lib Dem partners, says Trevor Kavanagh.

6. The heart of the EDL army is online, not out on the streets (Guardian)

Most EDL members, a Demos survey suggests, are keyboard warriors who have yet to march, writes Jamie Bartlett.

7. Occupy London is creating a nursery for the mind (Guardian)

The alternatives sought by the London protesters can't be written up in a Google doc, says Madeleine Bunting.

8. The debt trap time bomb (Daily Telegraph)

With Britain's households now owing £1.5 trillion, the day of reckoning nears, warns Jeff Randall.

9. Giving women power requires action (Independent)

Companies with more diverse boards produce higher returns for shareholders, writes Mary Ann Sieghart.

10. Don't let the Scots steal this hour because they want a lie-in (Daily Telegraph)

Britain would be better off and lives would be saved if we had summer time all year round, writes Boris Johnson.

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