Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. Western nations are now ripe for revolution (Independent)

If there is going to be a revolutionary outburst, you do not get much warning, writes Andreas Whittam Smith.

2. Dale Farm: a community with nowhere to go (Guardian)

As a Gypsy child I faced countless evictions, so I'm filled with dread over Dale Farm's ostracised Traveller community, writes Roxy Freeman.

3. Blame Britain's feeble recovery on high inflation (Financial Times)

Inflation has not been matched by income growth, writes Chris Giles.

4. No research. No runway. That's anti-progress (Times) (£)

We focus on the fears of scientific advance and ignore the benefits - until it's too late, says David Aaronovitch. This reactionary crusade must end.

5. Democracy takes time, but a betrayal of Egypt's uprising would puncture the hopes of millions (Independent)

The harsh and outdated Emergency Law must be lifted, says Nick Clegg. There can be no stalling or backsliding.

6. Britain can't save Europe, but we might still save ourselves (Daily Telegraph)

The eurozone crisis is beyond the Continent's leaders. George Osborne needs to prepare for the worst, says Jeremy Warner.

7. Mervyn King makes a bid for history (Daily Mail)

The governor's honesty about Britain and global economic prospects is admirable but he is starting to sound a bit like Eeyore, writes Alex Brummer.

8. Why China's leaders fear looking in the 1911 mirror (Financial Times)

China's Communist party has a difficult relationship with history, writes David Pilling.

9. The Occupy movement has lit a fire for real change (Guardian)

Establishment praise for the Occupy protests reflects anxiety at public anger, writes Seumas Milne, which needs to be turned into political pressure.

10. We deserve a referendum on EU membership (Daily Telegraph)

Most people would like an opportunity to vote on regaining some powers from the European Union, argues Graham Brady.

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