Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. Bin Laden saw that the west was in decline (Times) (£)

The 9/11 attacks are linked to a wider moral malaise, including the loss of authority, integrity and family unity, says Jonathan Sacks.

2. The years since 9/11 already look like a detour, not the main road of history (Guardian)

Timothy Garton Ash argues that the defining feature of world politics in the long term will not be Islamist terrorism, but the shift in power from west to east.

3. Is the shadow over Muslims lifting? (Independent)

Ten years on from 9/11, Yasmin Alibhai Brown asks what the impact on Muslims at home and abroad has been.

4. Expulsion from the eurozone has to be the final penalty (Financial Times)

Mark Rutte and Jan Kees de Jager argue that countries that systematically infringe rules must be granted less freedom.

5. Euro is safe for now but twitchy markets may not tolerate more delays (Independent)

The rescue mechanism could become so sclerotic as to be useless, says Ben Chu

6. Stop dithering. Only full integration can save Europe (Guardian)

Nouriel Roubini and Nicolas Berggruen warn that the eurozone's crisis is dragging down the entire global economy. Real economic and political union is now urgent.

7. Rich Pickings (Times) (£)

The 50p income tax rate should be scrapped in a review of taxation of the rich, says this editorial.

8. How to attack America's jobs depression (Financial Times)

The winner in 2012 will be the one who seems the toughest fighter for average Americans, writes Robert Reich.

9. Evicted from Labour: any sense of justice for tenants (Guardian)

It's not just Tory councils abdicating basic duties as landlords, says Zoe Williams. Being related to a rioter is now seen as a crime on the left too.

10. The leader can't retreat now (Independent)

President Mahmoud Abbas takes his case for recognising Palestinian statehood to New York later this month, writes Donald Macintyre.