Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read posts from today, including Cameron's problem with Libya.

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1. The Libyan conflict is far from over for David Cameron

Con Couglin notes that the omens do not look good for Britain's future cooperation with the new Libyan government.

2. Police pays out £20k for wrongful arrest of 'terrorist'

At Pickled Politics, Sunny Hundal blogs on the Phd student who has been awarded compensation after his wrongful arrest under the terror act.

3. Why Ed should, and will, welcome The Purple Book

Over at Total Politics, Caroline Crampton argues that the Purple Book is a solid contribution to Labour's future, especially on the economy.

4. Leader ratings: How Ed Miliband compares

Political Betting's Mike Smithson shows how Miliband compares with other opposition leaders at this stage in their terms of office.

5. Don't buy the right-wing spin: Public sector pension costs set to fall

At Left Foot Forward, Daniel Elton argues that it is untrue that public sector pensions are unsustainable.