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The five must-read posts from today, including uncertainty over boundary changes, and Rumsfield's pe

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1. The boundary changes: The count-down begins

Over at Political Betting, Mike Smithson suggests that the boundary changes may not be implemented.

2. Why have no bankers been arrested?

Jon Snow notes that no-one has faced criminal charges for their role in the banking crash.

3. Official materials from Dale Farm bailiffs refer to gypsies as "pikeys"

Political Scrapbook notes that Constant&Company used the pejorative term on their website.

4. Porn films show young girls in violent group sex scenes. And we wonder why gang rape is on the increase

On her Telegraph blog, Jenny McCartney discusses the trend for violent pornography.

5. Rumsfeld cancels New York Times subscription: Who cares?

At the Washington Post, Erik Wemple points out that cancelling subscriptions in protest is normally the action of a powerless consumer.

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