Quote of the day: "Shut up, you homophobic cow"

An insight into the happy marriage of Rebekah Brooks and Ross Kemp.

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The Evening Standard yesterday interviewed Chris Bryant about his tireless efforts to investigate phone-hacking. This, understandably, annoyed Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade). Here's Bryant's version of his last meeting with Rupert Murdoch's favourite seemingly Teflon-coated, flame-haired executive:

"She came up to me and said, 'Oh, Mr Bryant, it's after dark -- shouldn't you be on Clapham Common?"

"At which point Ross Kemp [the ex-EastEnders actor and her then husband] said, 'Shut up, you homophobic cow'."

Whether or not Kemp continued with "Leave it, you slag. He's not worth it," Bryant does not say.

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