Morning call: pick of the papers

Ten must-read pieces from the morning's papers.

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1. What hope is there for us if America is driven to the brink of meltdown? (Observer)

If the US cannot service its public debts and defaults, the outcome will have catastrophic consequences, writes Will Hutton.

2. Blame the bullies - but don't forget those who let them get away with it (Independent on Sunday)

Rupert Murdoch - the Great Bully - may fade from view, but as long as the frightened and the craven give in, their tormentors will thrive, writes Tim Lott.

3. MIliband baits new Tory sleaze trap (Sunday Times) (£)

Despite his good performance over hacking, Ed Miliband has no guarantee that voters - many of whom care little about the scandal - will give him a hearing, writes Martin Ivens.

4. Prison is for killers, rapists, bankers - not for stupid students (Mail on Sunday)

I have some sympathy for Charlie Gilmour, writes Liz Jones.

5. The "BBC Left" is using hacking to get its revenge (Sunday Telegraph)

Left-wing politicians and broadcasters do not want to debate ideas but they do want to remove their opponents, says Janet Daley.

6. Ambition used to be considered unfeminine (Sunday Telegraph)

As the BBC airs its rival to 'Mad Men', Fay Weldon, Felicity Green and Catherine Freeman recall their working lives in male-dominated offices in the Fifties.

7. Ten days in which we saw Ed Miliband throw off his L-plates (Observer)

Having bested David Cameron, the Labour leader has won the opportunity to be heard with enhanced respect, writes Andrew Rawnsley.

8. Republican with self-belief and God on his ticket (Independent on Sunday)

Rick Perry became governor of Texas after Bush, writes Rupert Cornwell. Will he now try to follow him to the White House?

9. Stage is set for Ed's lead role (Sunday Mirror)

There are no second acts in American lives, wrote the great novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald. People used to say the same of Ed Miliband - but no more, says New Statesman editor Jason Cowley.

10. What? Only 27 bathrooms? (Observer)

Unwanted Updown Court is a symbol of everything that is wrong with today's property market, writes Viv Groskop.