Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. Two modest proposals that would restore our fraying social contract (Daily Telegraph)

David Cameron must seize this chance to help both the very old and the very young, writes Mary Riddell.

2. Ronald Reagan was no hawk - and certainly no neocon (Guardian)

This year is the centenary of Ronald Reagan's birth, writes Mehdi Hasan. But who are we celebrating: the man, or the myth?

3. America and Europe sinking together (Financial Times)

The debt debates in the US and the EU are so inward-looking that surprisingly few people are making the connection, writes Gideon Rachman.

4. Will George Osborne fork out for the elderly or won't he? (Times) (£)

The three parties are scrambling to work together, but to get a deal Osborne needs to overcome his instincts, says Rachel Sylvester.

5. It's not just about money. What the elderly need is the love and care of their own families (Daily Mail)

We must learn from the days when the elderly were given the respect and love they deserved, says David Blunkett.

6. Phone hacking: media reputations are at stake (Guardian)

With phone hacking, and social media, we must work together to uphold the highest ethical standards, says Evgeny Lebedev.

7. Brooks has some explaining to do now (Independent)

The NOTW's readers may no longer be so sympathetic to the paper's peccadilloes, writes Ian Burrell.

8. Memo to Cameron: tactics are not enough (Financial Times)

The prime minister seems to have assumed he could bluff his way through, says Philip Stephens

9. The nuclear industry stinks. But that is not a reason to ditch nuclear power (Guardian)

The debate is skewed by distrust of big corporate interests, writes George Monbiot. Under proper scrutiny, new plants can give safer, cleaner energy.

10. Africa must do more to help itself (Daily Telegraph)

International aid for the starving millions is needed because regional governments don't do enough, says Mike Pflanz.

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