Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including why George Osborne wants a single Euro state.

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1. George Osborne wants a single Euro state

The Chancellor has taken a giant step towards a two-tier Europe, says the Telegraph's Benedict Brogan.

2. 2011 is looking bad - but 2012 may be worse

Almost no sector of the economy is performing well and the real fiscal tightening is just kicking in, warns Duncan Weldon at False Economy.

3. Cameron fuels right's hate fixation on the BBC

The right is desperate move on and talk about something else, blogs Daniel Elton at Left Foot Forward.

4. Nick Clegg defends Cameron's discussions with NI executives over BSkyB bid

The FT's Jim Pickard notes that Clegg is resisting any temptation to distance himself from David Cameron.

5. The Times guilt-trip their readers with a cartoon of starving children

Political Scrapbook is not amused by the Times's attempt to suggest that the hacking scandal his distracted attention from the Somalian famine.