Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including why Labour should oppose the Greek bailout.

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1. Labour must oppose the Greek "bail-out" and support the dismantling of the Euro

At Left Futures, Jon Lansman says it is no longer sufficient for Labour to claim credit for staying out of the Euro. The party must expose and oppose the entire concept.

2. Boris versus Osborne

Any 'Boris for PM' strategy is reliant on him first winning re-election in London, says James Forsyth at Coffee House.

3. Cam Rage Consultant On Permanent Leave

The doctor who erupted at Cameron and Clegg last week has been put on permanent leave, reveals Guido.

4. Fabians appoint new General Secretary

Next Left announces that Andrew Harrop is the new General Secretary of the Fabian Society.

5. Has Sadiq Khan compared Ed Miliband to Michael Foot?

The Telegraph's James Kirkup explains why Sadiq Khan unwittingly compared Miliband to William Hague and Michael Foot.

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