Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning's papers.

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1. Ratko Mladic's trial won't heal our scars but it will show what a monster he is (Guardian)

Although Mladic appears defiant in court, says Zrinka Bralo, the Hague war crimes tribunal at least acknowledges some of our pain and loss.

2. Food Panics (Times) (£)

E. coli in Germany has caused alarm. But public health bodies have a good record in isolating new diseases, says this leading article.

3. We should end our disastrous war on drugs (Financial Times)

The time has come to think again and make a turn towards rationality, writes Martin Wolf.

4. A big heart, a brave soul and a death that leaves some blood on our hands (Independent)

Andrew Buncombe remembers Syed Saleem Shahzad, the journalist killed in Pakistan.

5. Southern Cross and Winterbourne View have tested public tolerance to the limit (Guardian)

The care homes scandal shows just what happens when financiers are free to make a profit out of the most vulnerable, says Polly Toynbee.

6. Ed Miliband is a disaster not just for Labour but for democracy (Daily Mail)

We all benefit from having an opposition that exposes the weaknesses of the government, says Tim Montgomerie.

7. To change the NHS, you have to sound like a true believer (Daily Telegraph)

Andrew Lansley has committed a cardinal sin -- and it is worrying that No 10 allowed him to do so, writes Charles Moore.

8. A sporting decision that betrays the people of Bahrain (Independent)

This leading article criticises the decision to re-instate Bahrain to the Grand Prix circuit.

9. Apologies -- we need a toxic rethink on the economy (Financial Times)

Almost every sector of the US economy is weak, writes Robin Harding.

10. Globalisation: Spinning into reverse (Guardian)

Putting the brakes on international integration is no longer as far-fetched as propelling away from the planet, says this leading article.

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