Sesame Street is pushing a liberal, gay agenda, says Fox News

You might have thought it was a children's programme. But you were wrong.

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We all know Fox News is somewhat bizarre in its approach to news. But this segment on yesterday's episode of The Sean Hannity Show takes the biscuit. Subtitled "Big Bird bias", it is about the pro-gay, Democrat agenda of the beloved children's programme.

Ben Shapiro, author of Primetime Propaganda, bemoans the liberal bias in mainstream media. Worringly, his first sentence is: "Yeah, I kind of want to take them out back and cap 'em." Er -- what? Who?! Elmo and Big Bird?! Whatever happened to family values?

Hat-tip: Political Scrapbook

Samira Shackle is a freelance journalist, who tweets @samirashackle. She was formerly a staff writer for the New Statesman.