Labour’s anniversary present to the coalition

The Labour Party dedicates the front page of its website to the coalition’s now not-so-happy couple.

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The Labour Party has given a rather peculiar birthday present to the coalition two days after its first anniversary: it has taken the odd step of dedicating the front page of its website to a spoof coalition commemorative calendar.

The calendar highlights some of the ignominious moments of the coalition's first year, including David Laws's resignation a few weeks in to the government – and in the process gives visitors to the site the impression that it has been hacked by some mischievous Tory hacker (if such a thing exists).

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Labour's home page is not the first place where you'd expect to find a beaming picture of Nick Clegg and David Cameron. But with the Lib Dems struggling in the polls and strains within the government increasingly apparent, Labour has decided that winding up the coalition is better than, you know, talking about its own policies.

But who needs policy when you have a funny calendar?