Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including the next IMF head, bumper pay rises for bosses and Gi

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1. Heading the IMF

Paul Krugman shares his endorsement for the top job – his former teacher Stan Fischer.

2. Any surprise Lord Warner is defending NHS privatisation?

Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Richard Blogger points out that Warner is part of a company that would benefit from competition in the NHS.

3. Simon Hughes lies about abstaining on crucial housing votes

Political Scrapbook notes an inconsistent claim made by the outspoken Liberal Democrat MP.

4. The bad and the good of bumper bosses' pay

The BBC's Robert Peston asks whether bosses earn their vast pay rises.

5. Gil Scott-Heron's scornful brilliance

At the New Yorker's News Desk blog, Alec Wilkinson remembers Gil Scott-Heron, who died on Friday.

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