Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning’s papers.

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1. Big Oil wins in the latest price spurt. So why don't we take our share in tax? (Guardian)

War in Libya and protests across the Middle East are exploited by companies too quick to pass costs to vulnerable consumers, says Jayati Ghosh.

2. They haven't got us over a barrel at all (Independent)

Dominic Lawson asks why it is always supposed that an uprising against the Saudi monarchy would mean a drop in oil production.

3. Companies need to draw a line in the sand (Financial Times)

Michael Skapinker warns that all organisations doing business with bad people should ask: how will we explain ourselves if the regime falls.

4. Ed Miliband is right – Labour got it wrong on crime and its causes (Daily Telegraph)

The party's leader has broken with the Blairite years in arguing that locking up ever more people doesn't work, says Mary Riddell.

5. Royals are not above the rules of public life (Times) (£)

Rachel Sylvester says that Prince Andrew's errors of judgement have rattled Whitehall. But how far can ministers push the monarchy?

6. Unlike Thatcher, Cameron is preserving awkward history (Guardian)

Birth cohort studies will expose the full extent of Tory social vandalism. Polly Toynbee says that she must praise a Tory for fighting to save them.

7. The SAS are men of action, not diplomacy (Daily Telegraph)

William Hague's decision to send such soldiers on a peaceful mission was at best misguided, writes Con Coughlin.

8. Our best plan for growth is to set our cities free (Financial Times)

New York has too many land-use restrictions; London is even more extreme. Both should preserve, but cities aren't museums, argues Edward Glaeser.

9. The left is losing across Europe: this is why (Times) (£)

Too strong on government, too weak on community. David Miliband says that we need to build our own "big society".

10. The riskiest job in Iran (Guardian)

As the regime targets lawyers like Nasrin Sotoudeh, says Shirin Ebadi, who will defend our rights now?

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