Tory MP: Clegg can “go f*** himself”

A Conservative MP gives a rather frank appraisal of the Lib Dem leader after a team-building exercis

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Oh dear. Nick Clegg's attempt at bonding with new Conservative MPs did not go according to plan, reports the London Evening Standard.

Clegg invited new Tory MPs for nibbles at an ice-breaker, but first Clegg didn't turn up because he was stuck in a meeting, and then the meeting was interrupted twice by MPs having to rush back to parliament to vote.

"We all marched off for a vote that was won by 480 to nine – there was no point us being there," said another guest. The group walked back, only to find Mr Clegg was still stuck in talks.

Half an hour later Mr Harper announced another vote. "We set off down Whitehall but had to sprint this time," the MP said. "Some of my colleagues are not built for running."

It all left one new Tory MP rather fed up with the situation.

"After that we decided Clegg could go f*** himself and went for a drink."