Morning Call: pick of the papers

The ten must-read pieces from this morning’s papers.

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1. When will the soufflé of spin collapse? (Independent)

Johann Hari says he can't think of many politicians other than David Cameron who regularly give speeches demanding X while knowingly doing the opposite.

2. Creeping patronage, new politics and the payroll vote (Guardian)

Sarah Wollaston argues that MPs cannot best serve the country when so many are forced to vote with the government.

3. Parliament has spoken. Now David Cameron must act (Daily Telegraph)

The government must say what it will do to withdraw Britain from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights, and soon, writes Benedict Brogan.

4. The reforms are right, but not necessarily in the right order (Times) (£)

The Prime Minister is facing a storm of protest over cuts and lacks a team to sort it out. Philip Collins says that he must appoint one now.

5. For Egypt, this is the miracle of Tahrir Square (Guardian)

There is no room for compromise, says Slavoj Žižek. Either the entire Mubarak edifice falls, or the uprising is betrayed.

6. Tahrir Square voices will never be silenced (Times) (£)

Heba Fatma Morayef says that parents dismissed this as the apathetic Facebook generation – but they are being proved wrong.

7. A strategy for growth that dares to be radical (Financial Times)

Restructuring and reform are now the UK government's economic priorities, says Martin Wolf.

8. This failure to curb banks is a failure of government itself (Guardian)

Martin Kettle says that the coalition flunked its most important challenge this week, just as Labour once did. The public deserves better.

9. University challenge (Times) (£)

Trying to widen access is one thing, says this leading article; imposing fines for failure quite another.

10. What Somali pirates reveal about the global economy (Financial Times)

The booming piracy industry is a neat metaphor for our globalised economy, writes Matthew Lynn.

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