In this week’s New Statesman: the offshore City

London’s own tax haven | Mehdi Hasan: Gove’s gaffes | Philosophy and ideas special.

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In this week's New Statesman, we investigate the tax haven at the heart of Britain: the City of London. In our cover story, Nicholas Shaxson explains how the City became an "offshore island" and says we need a vision of how to confront the corporation and its satellites.

Elsewhere, as youth unemployment nears one million, our assistant editor Sophie Elmhirst reports on the plight of the lost generation and challenges the employment minister, Chris Grayling, to defend the coalition's approach. Meanwhile, our economics editor, David Blanchflower, warns that long spells of unemployment at a young age can create "permanent scars".

Also this week, Mehdi Hasan asks if Michael Gove's serial gaffes threaten his place in the cabinet, James Purnell explains why the west is losing the battle for Arab hearts and minds, and Alex Preston considers AOL's takeover of the Huffington Post and wonders if it could signal a new dotcom bubble.

All this, plus Rob Brown on the Irish election, an interview with the film director Mike Figgis and an ideas and philosophy special, featuring contributions by Simon Blackburn, Jonathan Rée and Will Self.

George Eaton is senior online editor of the New Statesman.

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