David Cameron pretending to be common

A new website collects images of the Prime Minister getting outside his comfort zone.

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David Cameron is said to find it galling that he is seen as being "too posh" to be in touch with the lives of ordinary voters. A 2009 poll showed that just 38 per cent of people thought he was in touch. David Davis raised heckles last month by saying that Cameron and George Osborne "don't actually come from backgrounds where they had to scrape for the last penny at the end of the week".

That this impression remains is not for want of trying on Dave's part (remember this interview that he gave during the election?).

A new blog has collated images of Cameron attempting to assimilate with common people. It's well worth a look if you fancy a laugh, or just tips on how to stand out like a sore thumb.

We've got a couple of our own suggestions to add to the mix:



Samira Shackle is a freelance journalist, who tweets @samirashackle. She was formerly a staff writer for the New Statesman.