Web Only: the best of the blogs

The five must-read blogs from today, including David Cameron and the Middle East, and William Hague'

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1. Five reasons for Cameron to worry about Oman

At FT Westminster, Alex Barker explains why David Cameron should be troubled by the unrest in Oman.

2. Will Cameron have a Brown moment over petrol?

Coffee House's Peter Hoskin asks if another Prime Minister will come unstuck over petrol prices.

3. We can't afford the luxury of leaving the page blank for much longer

Over at Labour Uncut, Tom Harris MP says that the party should not allow its options to be limited by the expectations of a leaderless anti-cuts movement.

4. Should David Cameron sack William Hague?

Following a series of errors, the Foreign Secretary has to go, argues Carl Packman at Though Cowards Flinch.

5. Hague tightens to 8-1 as the "next to leave"

Elsewhere, Mike Smithson notes that Hague is now the third-favourite to leave the Cabinet after Vince Cable and Michael Moore.