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A selection of posts made on newstatesman.com this week.

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Mehdi Hasan blogs on his Question Time appearance and asks what Hosni Mubarak's departure means for Egypt.

David Blanchflower says we should stop worrying about inflation and explains why Britain is still in recession.

Dan Hodges reports on the EDL march and reveals Labour's party funding fears.

Laurie Penny on the horror of vajazzling.

George Eaton looks at the return of Big Government and says David Cameron misled the Commons on Sure Start.

Samira Shackle asks if the police are afraid of Twitter and reports on the Lib Dem revolt against the cuts.

Helen Lewis-Hasteley learns what's odd about Julian Assange's trousers and interviews the comedian Mark Thomas.

Christopher Montgomery asks if Cameron will sack Ken Clarke to appease the Tory right.

David Allen Green says those opposed to prisoner votes are misleading the public.

Steven Baxter calls for angry liberals to shun the Daily Mail's website and asks if we are a bunch of Little Britons.

Olly Grender blogs in praise of Iain Duncan Smith and asks when it's right to use megaphone diplomacy.

Finally, Michael Chanan's video blog documents the growing revolt against library closures.

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